Monday, October 8, 2007

2007 Witch Switch Packages

Everyone did such an awesome job on their packages! I'm sure everyone was happy to receive them. I'm only missing about 5 pictures, so check back later to see if there are any new ones posted. This was a really fun Swap to host! Thanks to everyone who participated! I will be holding this as an annual event, so if you had fun this year, please join all of us again next year. I'm hoping to always hold sign-ups the weekend after Labor Day and then have the packages due on the first of October to kick-off the the Halloween season. Please email me with any questions or if somehow I have messed up posting the picture of your package. I wish I had this blogging thing mastered, all the pictures are kind of all over the place. Thanks again for everyone's thoughtfulness to their witch sister and for all the hard work. Enjoy looking at all the packages!


Lisa said...

FANTASTIC Job Sue!!! You put a lot of time and effort into organizing all of this. Thanks for doing it. I had such a fun time making my gifts and then receiving the gifts! You are an awesome friend...

Maxfield Family said...

I would LOVE to join the switch next year! Send me an email to

Thanks! Great ideas!